An esthetician on a mission to improve selfies

Who doesn’t want their skin to look flawless and radiant?

Stasha understands the importance of routine skin care in the desert. As a licensed Esthetician for over five years, she is experienced in treating skin that is constantly changing due to age and climate.

It is important to go to an Esthetician that knows your lifestyle and your skin. Many skin care specialists have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Not Stasha! By booking your appointment today you will receive personalized services based on your individual needs. It’s time to get one step closer to healthier skin!


Facials, Peels & Waxing

Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

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WHAT MAKES Skin Savvy by Stasha DIFFERENT?


As a licensed Esthetician, Stasha only uses products on her clients that she would use on herself. You can always trust that she will use the best products available for your facial, peel or waxing session.


The Valley of the Sun is Stasha’s home and she loves everything it has to offer! She understands how harsh the desert air can be on our skin and what kind of care is necessary to treat it.  Stasha supports local businesses by using their skin products whenever she can.


Stasha promises that each client will be treated with personalized care. An experienced Esthetician, Stasha understands all skin types and treats each person’s needs accordingly.

Can’t wait to treat you!